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The three-day event features a thriving retail market, live music, food trucks and a variety of activities for children and adults. Safe and fun family events around the ballpark, including a balloon ride without connectivity, a family-friendly baseball game and much more. Here's a look back at some of the most memorable moments from last year's event.

Shakespeare in the Park is sponsored by the City of Goodyear Arts and Culture, produced and presented by the West Valley Arts Council and sought by First Entertainment. On Saturday, July 8, the Lakeside Amphitheater will come alive with music - filled air, live music, food trucks and more. The live performance will focus on the ladies of Shakespeare and will include two evenings of inspiring live performances.

Call for Artists does not undertake to make any agreement, bear any costs incurred in preparing the proposal, request or subsequent negotiations, or to draw up a contract for the project. Nothing in this contract prevents the city from postponing, removing, repairing or destroying the works. If the application is rejected, the service will be procured in another way, the project conditions will be revised or the call for proposals for artists will be re-launched.

Works of art are considered to be the property of the City and any works or products (electronic or paper) created during the execution of this contract will be delivered to the City for final payment by the Artist. Artists are responsible for the design, manufacture, construction, delivery, installation and / or installation of the artwork and are responsible for the design of the artwork for a period of not more than three (3) months from the date of submission of their proposal.

The submission must also include a written declaration describing the expected regular and routine maintenance required to maintain the artwork in its intended condition. It is understood that the artist must have his final design checked and stamped to check its structural and electrical integrity by a professional engineer licensed in the State of Arizona.

A copy of the artist's final design for the final installation is on view at the Arizona State Museum in the appendix to Exhibit A.

Artists must submit a first proposal and develop a design for the work of art in accordance with the letter of application when they are selected from the call for artists for further consideration. The city has the right to reproduce and display graphically all documents, including render models made by the artist, as well as the artist's final design. Applicants can submit already completed artworks for consideration as part of their application for this project. In the event that a work of art does not match a final approved conceptual design of that work of art, the Developer may request a revision.

Artists wishing to submit kinetic or kinetic works must submit a full CaFE (tm) application and include a description of the work and a link to upload to the Internet, such as YouTube. The work product may include, but is not limited to, computer-aided design, graphic design, animation, sound, video and / or sound effects.

HomeAdvisor verifies and verifies the information and representations that appear in your profile as long as they are self-reported by the Professional Service. Some states require licenses at the local or county level, so you should check that your professional is properly licensed.

We assume that artists are selected for individual commissions and develop new places - specific projects - together in small teams. Projects of this kind will include public art, private procurement and public-private partnerships. We will pay the utmost attention to those who work in various areas of cultural research and promotion. If you are interested in seeing and doing things in this area, visit the Visitors section of Goodyear's website ( to see a list of topics and media that are open to you, along with information about events and events in the region.

Product submissions are limited, but not limited, to the size of the project, size, quality, quantity and / or quality of the product, and the amount of time and cost involved.

Call for Artists is managed by the City of Goodyear and Stephen Pendl is general contractor, working on behalf of the Goodyear Civic Square team. Selected artists can present their work in the Good Year - year-round exhibition "Goodyear Arts & Culture" at Arizona Arts and Culture HQ in Phoenix, AZ. The call for the 2017 Arizona Art Festival, sponsored by the City of Goodyear, Arts & Culture, from February 20-21, is now accepted.

The company has been contracted by the City of Goodyear and its Civic Square team and is awaiting HOA approval to complete the paving work.

The Rose family would like to thank the Goodyear Art Team for their help and love. Art and Rose were knowledgeable, personable and gave many helpful suggestions for today and in the future. The next day, Art showed up, addressed the problem, provided a more detailed description of the project than what had been presented the day before, was provided, and the owner returned and promised to optimize it before the monsoon and at no additional cost. He paid for the entire project, from start to finish that day, as well as the $1,000 cost of painting and installation.

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