Goodyear Arizona Accor Hotel

This dazzling oasis overlooks the Sonoran Desert and McDowell Mountains and offers guests the finest in hospitality at a Fairmont Hotels & Resort. This award-winning convention resort has earned a reputation as one of the best hotels in the world with its award-winning restaurants, sparkling heated pools and luxurious amenities. The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess offers world-class luxury and hospitality in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, a destination for business and leisure travelers, residents and visitors alike.

Spread over three floors, this four-bedroom house has everything you need for a picture - perfect life. This well presented detached bungalow overlooking the Phoenix skyline has a thoughtful layout that maximizes the potential of your property and does not require views you can appreciate.

Since 1934, we have built over 100,000 new homes, and in that time we have listened to our customers and learned to insist on good workmanship, high quality materials and to recognize our responsibility to the environment. Our homes are built to exceptional standards, with energy efficiency and environmentally friendly living making our homes a better place.

We know that in order to offer our guests the best, we first need our staff and the staff we offer. We make sure our front desk staff follow Fairmont Hotels and Resorts standards and we ensure that our staff provide excellent service to all guests.

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Now is a good time to buy one of the best hotels in the Phoenix area, the Goodyear Arizona Accor Hotel. We have a number of hotels and bungalows for sale in Phoenix and other parts of Arizona and we have had a lot of interest from buyers as far away as New York and California.

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The cheapest properties are on the market from £119,950 for a one-bedroom flat in Compton Park, which costs around £60,000. You can also see them for sale on Goodyear Arizona Accor's website, starting at PS120,500 for one-bedroom apartments and PS110,900 for two-bedroom apartments.

More About Goodyear

More About Goodyear