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With sunny skies and perfect spring weather, it's no wonder Arizona is the linchpin of spring training. As the population of the entire state of Arizona is booming, the Phoenix area is home to a wealth of museums, galleries and other cultural institutions. The big cities here are known for their performing arts, but not so much for what they stand for. The West Valley Art Museum stands out as one of Arizona's best museums with its extensive collection of artworks from around the world.

Houston Baptist University laid the foundation by buying a collection of Christian books from an entrepreneur in Indiana. The collection comes from the same entrepreneur who donated the bibles to the Dunham Bible Museum. A nonprofit organization, the Museum of the Bible, is also funding a traveling exhibition on the history of Christianity in the United States.

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company bought an area that was to become a popular Phoenix suburb because of its ability to grow cotton for car tires. The facility in Phoenix, Arizona, was originally built as a Naval Air Force facility called NAF Litchfield Park and later renamed Naval Air Station LITCHFIELD Park. After the closure of NAS Litchesfield Park in 1967, the airport was bought by the City of Phoenix to use as an airport.

The museum itself, founded in 1954, has a long history, with the town of Buckeye recently taking the reins and undertaking a major redesign of the museums. Goodyear has driven the growth and expansion of its satellite facilities, servicing the Heard Museum in North Scottsdale, which opened in Summit, Scotteddale, in June 2007, and the Phoenix Tire and Rubber Museum in Phoenix, Arizona, in October 2009.

The art panels for the Lithomosaic Park Walkway Art Panels, commissioned by the Arizona State University Museum of Art and the University of Arizona School of Architecture, are expected to be completed in 2020.

The memorial tree is strong, but the concrete parts of cast concrete and steel - the jets of water cut from the art panels of the Lithomosaic Park Walkway - are.

You can visit the historic Main House Museum, built between 1891 and 1898, and learn about the history of the pioneers who lived there. With a deep focus on Buckeyes local history, this museum is so unique that when you look at it, you can feel like you're in the Buckeyes Valley. Before joining the Heard Museum, Goodyear was director of public relations for the Ohio Historical Society and Ohio State University.

You will find an amazing collection of ancient Bibles, but like most museums it is perfectly fine to acquire and view some of the items on display. Guests can enjoy the library's rotating bibles and view the paintings and sculptures on display in the galleries on site.

The beauty of it is that some things may seem universal, like art museums, but each is a little different in its own way. Visit Gilbert Farmers Market in downtown Gilbert for fresh local produce and food, visit Gilbert's riverside enclosure and visit the Olive Mill in Queen Creek to taste olive oil, vinegar and stuffed olives. Your family also can't miss the Arizona State Museum of Natural History in Gilbert, Arizona's oldest and largest museum.

The Arizona Diamondbacks and their mascot Baxter are launching a home-coloring page for children that features a game between players from each country in one game (see above). The Arizona Historical Society plays trivia on social media Tuesday, and artists of all ages are invited to submit original Arizona-themed art. This is a great opportunity for students to study Arizona history and hear a story read out by one of the museum ambassadors.

This small town museum is located on the Rancho La Loma estate that Paul Weeks Litchfield built, as the museum website states. Next door is the Phoenix Zoo, one of the largest private, for-profit zoos in the United States, and has earned an international reputation for its animal welfare efforts.

If that's not enough to keep everyone entertained, check out Google Arts & Culture, one of the largest museums and cultural monuments in the world, in Phoenix. There are dozens of museums in the Valley, from the Arizona Museum of Natural History to the Wright Museum and the Phoenix Art Museum. Google Arts and Culture offers a comprehensive list of the world - great museums, heritage sites, and more than 1,000 of them found in the Phoenix area.

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